Sunday, August 10, 2008

ABC Viewers Slam Governor Richardson!

On Sunday, ABC's Senior National Correspondent Jake Tapper filled in as moderator for George Stephanopoulos on This Week.

Tapper talked to Governor Bill Richardson about the conflict between Russia and Georgia, energy policies (during the Clinton years), and how they may have slowed off shore drilling starts.

Tapper and Richardson also talked and about his upcoming fundraisers for Hillary Clinton, and whether or not the party is unified heading into Denver the end of the month.

Here's a direct link to the TV segment where Richardson also says the public will forgive John Edwards. He said he feels badly for the family after Edwards admitted to an illicit affair.

Perhaps, still in the running to be Barack Obama's Vice President pick, Richardson chose to stick to talking points. Earlier in the morning, the ABQ Journal's Washington Bureau Chief Michael Coleman suggested that Richardson has a shot and really wants to be picked V.P. The paper's Sunday morning editorial also gave Richardson props and say's he's ready for a top spot in a possible Obama administration.

Following the program, Richardson, who ironically was in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, multiple viewers posted comments that were not so kind to the Governor. On the program's public comment page most viewers said Richardson failed to answer Tapper's questions directly. A few said Tapper looked like a McCain Cheerleader.

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