Saturday, August 16, 2008

TV Spot Makes Pokes Fun at Governor's Health Plan

A television ad, introduced on the first day of the Special Session, is being aired throughout New Mexico. It’s taking shots at the Governor’s universal healthcare plan.

The 30 second commercial produced by State Senator Bill Sharer is comparing the notoriously poor customer service at the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department to what could be expected if Governor Bill Richardson is successful in getting his way with Universal Healthcare.

The ad claims the governor’s plan could eventually replace private doctor’s offices with state-run clinics.

The spot shows a disinterested, gum- chomping state employee handing out numbers to patients waiting for medical attention.

Patient number 7 has apparently waited a long time because when his number is finally called, he is found dead in his chair and a white sheet is thrown over his body.

The spots tagline states: Do you want the same people who run the state motor vehicle department to run your health care?

“It is a great tagline for the spot and a great question everyone needs to ask before the state is saddled with a universal healthcare plan that will treat us like cattle, or worse, like people waiting for service at MVD ,” Senator Sharer said.

The spots plays tonight on broadcast and cable television stations and can be seen on the internet on, by searching under: Universal Healthcare New Mexico.

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