Friday, December 19, 2008


This morning, President George W. Bush says he's offering $17.4 billion in loans to the auto industry because letting them collapse is ``not a responsible course of action.''

He says the rescue plan will require ``meaningful concessions'' from the auto companies and others, including labor unions and suppliers. The companies, he says, ``must understand what is at stake, and make the hard decisions necessary to reform.''

Bush said Friday he ordinarily would let the companies go bankrupt, concluding it's the ``price that failed companies must pay.'' But, he says, ``These are not ordinary circumstances.'' He says letting the industry collapse, amid a financial crisis and a recession, would be irresponsible.

He says there's ``too great a risk'' that a bankruptcy filing would lead to a ``disorderly liquidation of American auto companies'' and send the economy into a ``deeper and longer recession.''

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Official: Farmington's Allen McCulloch Announces He's Running for NM GOP Chairman!

In a Christmas letter sent to Republican supporters around the state. former U.S. Senate Candidate and Farmington Doctor Allen McCulloch has formally announced he's entering the election to become the State Republican Party Chairman.
Today, I am asking for your support in becoming the next Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico.

We are at a cross-road of our Republican future. We can cease on the opportunity to come together and re-build a stronger more responsive party or sink further into irrelevancy.

Business as usual, will not work! We must begin by building a fundamentally sound organization, from the ground up.

As your next chairman, I am committed to ensuring our county chairs, activist's and legislators have a seat at the New Mexico Republican table. I believe we first have to be organized as a party to defend our values in Santa Fe. In preparation for the legislative session, I am proposing that county chairs develop legislative caucuses that will be prepared to respond to upcoming legislation. These county caucuses will be part of the state Republican Legislative Affairs Committee. Today is the time to start!

Second, we must start now on the development of our ground game in preparation for the 2010 midterm election. One of the most pressing issues that will face our party will be legislative redistricting in 2011. We must not allow a Democrat majority to exist in two years. The old saying that all politics are local is my commitment. We must Stop the Progressive Democrat organizations from making anymore gains in Santa Fe.
McCulloch believes:

Together, we can focus on building a strong party by ensuring every county has the tools they need to build strong efforts in:

• Voter Registration
• Strong ward / precinct organizations
• Candidate recruitment and training
• Meaningful communication from the state GOP

I have travelled to every corner of the state and have developed many strong working relationships. I have been given a commitment by our outgoing members of congress that they will help in the rebuilding of our party. I am asking for your support in electing me the next Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico.

United we win!
Allen McCulloch

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Local Law Enforcement Officers Chasing Christmas.

On Sunday morning, as I set out on my morning errands, I could hear sirens screaming north of my house. After filling up my gas tank, the number of sirens continued to grow. As a journalist, I was curious and followed the sound to the Walmart parking lot near Academy and Wyoming.

Once there I realized it wasn't a fire or a bad accident, but police from multiple agencies lining up to parade through the streets of Albuquerque. Their annual holiday patrol began just after 11 am and will take them up and down multiple streets.

Happy Holidays. Run Santa don't let them catch you.