Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Word Is: The Governor STILL has the TOUCH!

Governor Bill Richardson

Last week, on Tuesday, the state Democratic Party hosted a Unity Party / Fundraiser. The stars of the show were four of the state's Democratic Governors, including incumbent Bill Richardson, and former Governors Jerry Apodoca, Toney Anaya, and Bruce King.

Listen to Governor Richardson's SPEECH here. The Governor says New Mexico has a good chance of "turning totally blue" this fall with victories in the U.S. Senate Race, all three congressional seats, and the presidential race.

The Governor talked briefly about his failed presidential campaign. He thanked the crowed for their support said he only had "two" problems during his national bid: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

It seems Richardson forgot the other problems he had during the campaign, including:

Number Three:
We're reminded that former South Carolina Senator John Edwards collected more votes in early primary states.

Number Four:
Richardson was criticized for his poor "Meet the Press" interview with the late Tim Russert. He apparently flew into Washington for the show late the night before, looked unprepared, and was caught being a fan of the Boston-Yankees?

Number Five:
His dismal performances in the early debates.

Number Six:
His total neglect of local press during the run for the White House.

Number Seven
An outstanding campaign debt which the AP reports is down to about $285,000.


When State Party Chairman Brian Colon introduced the Governor, he mentioned Obama's visit to the Duke City the day before, and Obama's encouraging words about a possible role for Richardson if he's elected this fall.

Rub a Dub Dub: The governor reaches out and touches my dome for luck?

After his speech the Governor surprised me by rubbing my bald head (an aide says he does it for "luck" similar to rubbing a buddha's stomach). I wanted to talk to Richardson about the energy crisis and dependence on foreign oil.

As a former energy secretary, it was disappointing to hear him say in this AUDIO INTERVIEW that he won't support building a clean and green nuclear power plant in the state, despite the fact that he knows one plant may provide half of the state's energy needs. Richardson dismissed a followup question by bopping me on the head again.

As a past energy secretary he's also aware how viable nuclear plants are in countries like France.

The governor says he'll work to develop wind, solar, and biofuel technology first.

Richardson appears more eager to tow the party (read Obama) line regarding domestic nuclear power plants. On Saturday, Richardson delivered the weekly Democratic Party Radio address. We reviewed the text of the address here and listened to Richardson outline some of Obama's energy and economic policy ideas here.

During the Unity event Jerry Apodoca declined to address the crowd, Toney Anaya was saluted for first proposing a bullet train from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, and the Cowboy Governor Bruce King was recognized by all as being the "most popular man in the room."

Perhaps, with new poll numbers showing his approval ratings dropping below 50% approval, for the first time, Richardson felt the need to rub a head, or two, for some fresh luck before Obama makes his "pick".

To read even more about the fundraising event check out Santa Fe New Mexican reporter Kate Nash's post on her blog, Green Chile Chatter.

Photo Credits: MG Bralley