Thursday, August 14, 2008

Domenici Says Pearce Will Represent New Mexico Values

This morning, retiring six-term Senator Pete Domenici endorsed Republican Senate Candidate Steve Pearce at a Victory 2008 Rally in Albuquerque.

In this SPEECH Domenici told the crowd of about 150 GOP VIP's and volunteers it will take hard work for Pearce to win the election this fall because Democrats have more money, but he says, "Pearce represents the values of New Mexico."

Domenici , who's spent the last 36 years in Washington, believes Pearce will have a strong voice and never back down on raising taxes, the 2nd Amendment, and will never authorize partial birth abortions.

He's says if Udall is elected in November he believes the U.S. Senate "will veer dramatically left."

The six-term Republican showed the crowd differences in voting records and policy stands between himself and Pearce and Tom Udall. Domenici also warned Pearce's supporters he believe's Udall is too closely aligned to environmental extremists.

Domenici told A.P. Reporter Heather Clark, in this RESPONSE he wasn't surprised she asked him if the public would believe he was genuine with today's endorsement, because he'd decided late in the primary to endorse Heather Wilson.

Wilson, who just returned from Northern Africa, says in this SPEECH, that Udall should never serve in the Senate because he doesn't understand the mission of the labs and is weak on national security.

Wilson was introduced by Republican National Committeeman-Elect Pat Rogers. He told the crowd if McCain wins Wilson will likely have a cabinet level role or high ranking national security post.

Finally, Pearce got a chance to thank the crowd for their support.

In this SPEECH, Pearce says he'll fight to open up offshore drilling and pledged to never raise taxes.

The Senator is in New Mexico while Congress is adjourned. This is his public schedule for the remainder of the week.

On Friday at 10 a.m., Domenici will join Albuquerque-region business leaders and representatives to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Sandia Science and Technology Park. International Programs Building, Sandia Science and Technology Park, 1066 Research Road SE.

And in Espanola on Friday night at 7pm, Senator Domenici will deliver remarks at the 12th anniversary dinner celebration for the LANL Foundation, proceeds for which will be used to endow a scholarship in his name.

On Saturday at 3pm, he’ll attend a tribute at the National alliance for Mental Illness. The (NAMI) ceremony is recognizing notable contributions to mental health awareness. The honorees include Domenici and his family for their commitment to improving the lives of Americans with mental illness. Central New Mexico Community College, Smith Brasher Hall, 717 University Blvd, SE.

Photos by MG Bralley

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