Sunday, August 10, 2008

Commerce Secretary: America Will Pay Dearly for Economic Isolation Policies

Carlos Gutierrez rose from Cuban refugee to captain of industry to Secretary of Commerce. On Sunday, he visited Albuquerque.

Before a town hall meeting with small business owners he talked to us about his role opening new international markets for New Mexico farmers and small business entrepreneurs.

In this AUDIO INTERVIEW Gutierrez says America’s exports are a bigger part of our economy than ever before with annual growth above 12.5 percent.

He also addressed increasing unemployment rates. In July unemployment rates grew to 5.7 percent. Some 51,000 jobs were lost nationally. New Mexico’s stable economy help buffered job losses here, but the state still had 1,000 positions eliminated in June.

Gutierrez said, “losing just one job is bad,” but insists the Bush Administration $150 Billion dollar stimulus package is working. He says second quarter growth was 1.9 percent, and believes tax policies are critical to creating jobs. Gutierrez tells us he’s supporting Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain, because his tax policies will allow small companies to create new jobs.

“He has a passion for small businesses,” said Gutierrez. “He’ll give them incentives to grow and prosper with his free trade policies.”

Gutierrez says America can compete on the world economic stage and briefly accessed this weekend's Russian vs Georgia conflict.

“We cannot step back and isolate ourselves. If we do that today when everyone else is trying to gain access to countries for their companies we’re are going to be at a serious disadvantage.”

He warns the country will “pay dearly” if America isolates itself at a time when other developing everyone is involved in competing. He says McCain wants to push forward.

Gutierrez said likely-Democratic Presidential Nominee Sen. Barack Obama has a policy of economic isolation. He says that “will hurt us.”

Before heading to a town hall meeting in the north valley at El Pinto Restaurant Gutierrez also talked to us about high gas prices, offshore drilling, the need for developing nuclear power in the U.S., and his profound disappointment that Congress didn’t act on the 700-page immigration law because of one word: Amnesty.

The former CEO of Kellogg Company, a Cuban Exile advocate, also laid out his own plans following his term in the Bush Administration.

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