Saturday, August 16, 2008

Udall Calls War In Iraq A Foreign Policy Blunder

On Saturday morning, Page One Bookstore hosted a Town Hall Meeting for Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Udall.

Listen to Udall's remarks delivered to about seventy people.

Udall says he entered public service to "stand up and do the right thing."

During the meeting, Udall told voters about his record in state government and in Congress.

He reminded them he voted against the war in Iraq from the beginning. He says historians will write that it was the country's worst foreign policy blunder ever.

Udall also spoke to the group about his record as NM State Attorney General. He told the group he's proud of his record fighting DWI, domestic violence and corruption in government despite it "not being very popular."

The candidate says his staffers are running a positive campaign.

"We have tried to keep it positive. Our objective is to introduce people to what we've been working on in congress."

Udall also analyzed several outside groups, who support his opponent, Republican Steve Pearce. He says they've come out with attack after attack. He believe that's one contrast voters have noticed between Pearce and himself.

Udall says he's campaigning and working to appeal to "the better interests" of voters by telling them what kind of U.S. Senator he'll be if elected in November.

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