Monday, August 11, 2008

FAIR AND BALANCED? The Proof Is In The Audio.

Some blogs, okay most blogs are pretty one- sided. We'll stay fair and balanced. Today we're bringing you audio from two national leaders representing both parties.

They were in the state consulting congressional campaigns, and doing what they do best...asking you for your money.

Our little on-line note pad is meant to be an extension of our on air reporting. It allows folks to hear extended interviews rather than quick sound bites.

Okay its time to earn your trust and prove we're the most balanced political blog in the state. Our text is pretty vanilla, but at least you'll get a chance to hear the candidates and their supporters, or in this case, their handlers directly.

Last Thursday, Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel, who successfully managed congressional races for the Democrats in 2006 as Chairman of the DNCCC, campaigned in New Mexico for Martin Heinrich, Harry Teague, and Ben Ray Lujan.

He believes American's appetite for change in Washington will give Democrats key wins. He says, "the problems Bush has dug are pretty deep."

Rahm joined Heinrich at Highland Park to talk about the need for more Federal money to support community policing. In this SHORT SPEECH Rahm told the crowd we're investing more money in Iraq police officers than are own city police forces.

For more coverage on the event check out Matthew Reichbach's coverage on FBIHOP.

In this AUDIO INTERVIEW Rahm told me he's optimistic about gaining an even larger majority in the U.S. House after the November vote. Rahm says that Democrats expect to pick up all three open seats in New Mexico.

But 2008 RNCC Chairman Tom Cole - Oklahoma (the lone native American in Congress) isn't so sure about that prediction.

"Rahm," he told me "shouldn't be so confident."

Cole says he isn't tossing in the towel just yet.

On Monday, he campaigned with Darren White and later in the evening attended a fundraising event, with about 70 people, at long-time State Republican power player Mickey Barnett's house.

A source in the crowd told me Cole definitely energized the crowd. My insider tells me supporters are ready to go canvassing door-to-door for White.

I also learned White is staying home and won't attend the Republican National Convention the first week in September. White says he'd rather work the campaign trail here, making phone calls and attending grass roots events, and asking people to support his candidacy.

In this AUDIO INTERVIEW Cole says, "We've got a great candidate in Darren White." Cole admits it will be a close, hard fought election. He reaffirmed an earlier statement that he made to other candidates that they should run against the Bush administration and even other Republicans because Washington has become in his words, "dysfunctional."

Cole also talked to us about taxes, energy, unemployment and immigration during the interview.

Later he briefed us, in this 2nd AUDIO INTERVIEW, on his weekend trip to South Eastern New Mexico to visit Ed Tinsley in the 2nd Congressional District.

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