Saturday, August 9, 2008

Television News Veteran Awes Judges at Spamfest

In the heat of a general election we've all had our mailboxes stuffed with political postcards and our email in boxes filled with SPAM from candidates requesting donations.

On Saturday, members of the media took a break from the political campaigns and headed to the Albuquerque Press Club for dinner.

SPAMFEST is a time-honored tradition at the Albuquerque Press Club.

It was retired KOB TV Assignment Manager Orlando Medina who captured the top prize. His
Spam Adobada featured chunks of SPAM in a lovely red chile sauce. It was accompanied with pinto beans and tortillas. Medina spent 32 years in broadcast news before retiring last year.

Defending 2007 Champion Tom Wright protested enforcement of the rules requiring contestants prepare their own dishes and simply opened a can of SPAM, stuck a serving knife in it, and entered the can.

Last year Wright was challenged when members learned he had a chef prepare his entry. Allowed to keep the trophy, Wright says he has "the creativity to win, but lacks the technical skills to prepare it."

His 2008 entry, "A SPAMIN Tragedy" was funny enough to pick up 2nd place (likey a pity vote by the judges for this "humorous" entry).

Contestants were challenged to use their imagination and culinary creativity to liven up the processed pork in a can.

Of course, entry rules required SPAM be used and the dish had to be edible.

From our viewpoint, most of the tasters in the crowed filled their plates, and some went back for seconds.

Judges scored each entry on
taste, humor and originality. Nick, a judge on tonight's panel, said "this SPAM" is delicious. Justin who filled his plate twice took to singing lyrics from SPAMALOT.

Entires included:
  • Spameroni calzone
  • Spam spud specials
  • Plain can of spam
  • Deviled spam eggs
  • Spiche
  • Spamwich hors d'oeuvres
  • Spam Adobada
  • Spam pad thai
  • Spamelette
  • Croque le spam
  • Spam with anjou pear and blue cheese
  • Spicy spam poppers
  • Spam bhaji with mint chutney
Winners List:

1st Prize: Orlando Medina, Spam Adobada
2nd Prize: Gary Hubbard spam spud

Tom Wright, A Spamin Tradegy
Lisa Benski, Croque le spam

Orlando Medina, Spam Adobada

Our favorites Spam Devil Eggs and Spiche didn't make the final cut.

If you're hungry and craving a can of SPAM... check out these recipes and cook books on Amazon.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for attending this year's SPAMFEST! We had a great time and were thrilled to have the support of the media / press. Can't wait for next year - it's going to be even better!