Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Video: Heinrich gets bipartisan support for cybersecurity amendment

U.S. Rep. Martin Heinrich (NM-1) won bi-partisan support for an amendment he introduced on the House floor today.

The amendment includes Sandia National Laboratories in a proposed program to enhance the nation's defenses against computer attacks, and helps to enhance federal cybersecurity research and development activities, which are needed to address national vulnerabilities in cyberspace.

“Sandia National Laboratories is a leader in defensive cybersecurity research and development for our nation’s intelligence community and has been home to countless high-level security advancements. Including our National Labs, and utilizing their cybersecurity expertise, will be critical to keeping our nation’s cyberspace secure,” Rep. Heinrich said.

The Heinrich’s amendment to the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act (HR 4061) was approved unanimously by the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The Act is slated for a full vote in the House on Thursday.

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