Sunday, January 31, 2010

Heinrich's raises $267k in fourth quarter, Barela $113k

Corrected numbers

Democrat Martin Heinrich raised $267,372.63 in the final quarter of 2009. The total reflects $234,372.62 raised from individuals and political actions committees, plus $33,000 transferred to his campaign from other authorized committees.

The committee transfers include money split between Heinrich and Rep. Harry Teague from a fundraising trip made by Vice President Joe Biden, and a separate event with Rep. Polis in Colorado.

Heinrich received over $114,000 from PACS, with the balance from individual contributors.

He spent $80,454.83 during the reporting period, according to his report.

To date in the election cycle, Heinrich has raised $1.084 million, and he ended 2009 with $834,633.23 on hand.

Jon Barela, the Republican seeking to unseat Heinrich, raised $ 113,070 – with $3,500 coming from PACs – and spent $39,634.59, according to his report. To date in the election cycle, he’s raised $293,909.77, and he ended 2009 with $215,185.70 on hand.

Barlea said in a news release that he's pleased he collected more money from individual donors than his opponent in the last cycle and believes his campaign is "building momentum."

“We are thrilled to have the backing of such a large number of New Mexicans,” remarked Barela. “The vast majority of our contributions came from people who looked at the incumbent, compared my vision and background to his, and chose to support our campaign."

This report was corrected and includes the accurate numbers for the 2009 Year End reports.

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