Sunday, January 31, 2010

Davis enters 2010 race for Sheriff in Bernalillo County

Patrick Davis, a former University of New Mexico Police Lieutenant and the youngest New Mexico graduate of the FBI's National Academy, announced his 2010 candidacy for Bernalillo County Sheriff at the Sandia Courtyard Hotel & Convention Center on Sunday.

Davis, a Bernalillo County Democrat, has served in the law enforcement community for 10 years, and is currently serving as a program director and public information officer with the
Bernalillo County District Attorney's Office.

Davis, who earned a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice said he is focused on community policing

"In a community faced with such daunting challenges, it is time that we refocus and stand together against crime and criminals," Davis said.

'Targeting efforts on repeat offenders'

Davis said his campaign is about reshaping the way the county approaches law enforcement.

"So many other cities have realized success by embracing new technology, targeting efforts on repeat offenders and listening to the concerns of the communities we serve," Davis said. "New criminals are using new tactics to victimize our citizens. Its time that law enforcement responded with new ideas and new energy."

He told us he doesn't want 300 deputies driving around waiting for crimes and said he wants to engage the community in fighting crime along with his command staff. He also said he's monitoring the 2010 Legislature, and recognized that resources could be tight.

Still, Davis wants to make sure lawmakers in Santa Fe protect deputy pay raises, training and D.W.I. grant money.

Davis also told us he's closely watching Sandoval Demorat Rep. Jack Thomas'
HB 174, which is legislation aimed at curbing gang recruitment, with stiff new penalties. He wants to ensure the bill, if approved, won't face legal challenges or become to cumbersome.

Davis is not only the youngest candidate in the field, he's also an openly gay man in the community. In fact, his partner has been recognized for his work on the BCSO's swat team.

"I came to Albuquerque because I love its people and its culture, and wanted to be a part of the next generation of our community," Davis said.

He said being gay is just another indication of the state and county's diversity and that deputies, who are aware of his sexual orientation, just treat him as another cop.

Davis faces a number of Democrat primary opponents including interim Sheriff Manny Gonzales, Felix Nunez, and Marie "SiSi" Miranda. APD Commander Conrad Candelaria reportedly dropped out of the race last week.

The Republicans are also fielding several candidates to replace former Sheriff Darren P. White who accepted a job with the City of Albuquerque as Chief Public Safety Director. They include
William Kurth and Dan Houston among a few.

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Michelle Meaders said...

That was the best endorsement I ever heard, by former supervisor Kathy Guimond, UNM Police Chief. (I don't think they said her name.)

Anonymous said...

She was Deb Kuidis, a retired APD Deputy Chief and UNMPD Commander. She said that he was the best leader she had known in 30 years as a cop. I was impressed by her too!

Jack said...

It is good to see some fresh faces in Bernalillo county politics. The sheriff's race should be an interesting one this time. It is quite a diverse field of candidates.