Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mayoral candidate donates yard sign money to charity

Carlsbad Mayoral Candidate Wendy Amato presents a $1,000 check to Jonah’s Food Pantry

Wendy Amato, who wants to be Carlsbad's first female mayor, is forgoing yard signs and giving the money that she would have spent producing them to a community food pantry

"Think of all the money candidates spend on yard signs that could be going to help make our community better." Amato said. “It doesn’t seem right to spend money on ugly signs that nobody likes, when there are people in our city who are unemployed, hungry, and going without heat or electricity. Not to mention the aid that places such as Haiti need right now.”

“Going without yard signs makes my campaign more difficult, but that just means I have to work harder," Amato added.

Amato also urged her supporters to give money to charities such rather than to her self financed campaign.

“I cannot in good conscience accept money from people when there are so many other pressing needs in our community,” Amato said. “I also hope to set a standard where political candidates give back to the community, instead of just asking people for money.”

Before presenting the check, Amato and campaign volunteers toured Jonah’s House and learned how the group provides food to individuals and families in the community. “I am so impressed with the work and dedication you bring to help those in need,” Amato told volunteers and staff. “Often in the election season, people talk about petty issues and forget that there are many people in Carlsbad who need food, shelter, and necessities.”

Amato faces City Councilor Jeffrey Diamon, Dale Janway, Roosevelt Armendariz, Tom Mathis and Garry Adams. Incumbent Mayor Bob Forrest is not seeking re-election in Carlsbad.

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