Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mullins' volunteers struggle to file FEC report

Republican 3rd Congressional District primary candidate Tom Mullins still has not filed his year-end financial report, which was due on January 31st, with the Federal Election Commission.

Mullins told us this morning that his volunteer campaign team is having difficulty "converting the numbers using the data forms on the FEC's website."

For now, he is posting his financial report on his campaign's website.

"We posted the numbers on our blog this weekend," Mullins said after discovering the information had not been uploaded to the official government site on time.

"We are going to pay a couple of hundred dollars in fines and get this sorted out, and report on time from now on," Mullins said.

Mullins indicated $45,274 fourth quarter receipts, which is almost $7,000 more than his primary opponent Adam Kokesh.

Mullins claimed $14,300.64 in expenses from October 1 to December 31st and had $30,973.36 cash on hand, significantly more than Kokesh who reported only $4863.13 cash on hand. However Kokesh's campaign claims it raised more than $30,000 with a "birthday bomb" donation campaign tied to Kokesh's 28th birthday on Monday.

Incumbent Democrat Rep. Ben Ray Lujan's year-end report showed receipts of $112,073.84 in the final quarter and an election cycle total of $532,073.17. He ended ended 2009 with $284,852.61 on hand.

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