Thursday, February 4, 2010

Johnson plans economic plan rollout

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who’s sounding more and more like a potential presidential candidate, plans to announce his “Three Point-Plan for Economic Prosperity” Tuesday at a press event in Washington.

Ahead of the trip, Johnson has been meeting with economists from around the country to discuss his plan.

“We believe we have adopted a plan to bring America’s economy into long-term prosperity,” Johnson said in a news release. “This would include cutting expenditures, cutting taxes and shrinking the federal involvement in the economy.”

Johnson is the honorary chairman of his Our America Initiative, a national issue-based advocacy committee.

“As I look at the public debate, I don’t see ideas being presented that are going to solve the current problems and provide for long term prosperity,” Johnson said. “What we need is a new direction.”

“Based on discussions with the people we have been meeting, as well as my own governing experience and significant research with economic experts, we have developed an initial outline of commonsense approaches to begin to renew our economy,” Johnson said. “I look forward to presenting this outline to the public, and to continuing the public dialogue regarding lower taxes and reducing our deficits.”

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Johnson's "committee" is his "testing-the-waters for 2012 group. He's not an "honorary chairman" he's the only member!

His economic plan is to sell cheap pot and make LSD "safe." (Check out his group's Drug page.)