Monday, August 25, 2008

Wertheim Wants Biden to Campaign in Northern, NM.

A veteran New Mexico Democrat, and former Party Chairman, John Wertheim thinks VP Pick Joe Biden will appeal to working class New Mexicans, despite Republican John McCain's narrow lead in recent polls reported on the New Mexico Independent.

On Sunday, Wertheim who's a standing member on the DNC Credentialing Committee, told me he's pleased the party decided to seat all the delegates from Michigan and Florida.

We talked outside of Morton's just before dinner. I asked Wertheim if he thought Denver might jinx the parties chances this fall because the last time the party held their convention in the Mile High City, their nominee, William Jennings Bryan lost to William Taft.

Wertheim reminded me that Bryan's speech, "The Cross of Gold" mesmerized the masses and promoted the middle class in America. Read the transcript of Bryan's acceptance speech here.

Wertheim says, "What we see here is a real chance for the Democratic Party, through Barack Obama and Senator Biden, to make a change for the better on the economy, on health care, and all the issues that matter to New Mexicans.

Photo Credit: MG Bralley

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