Monday, August 25, 2008

Tonight's schedule and a chance meeting with a guy named Geraldo.

In Denver, I'm working alongside journalists from around the globe. This morning started at 5am as we finalized our scripts and interview segments for 770KKOB. After breakfast I checked in with Fox Radio News. We're going to follow some of the young delegates around town this evening and file a feature report for Fox later tomorrow.

It's amazing to be at my first national convention. I guess I'm a little star struck and my new radio colleagues from Greeley, Colorado told me they thought it could be a little intimidating. I'm not. I'm usually just stuck in security lines with lots of electronic gear.

Geraldo from Cuba - Body Double?

So far, I've passed George Stephanopoulous on the street, Gov. Janet Napolitano in the staircase, and saw that guy Geraldo who looks just like Obama. Originally from Cuba Geraldo's hoping for a big Barack Obama win in November for obvious reasons. He'll make a fortune on touring the country. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the same access to secret service, or like me, no credentials to join the campaign on the main podium. Wow. Was that Dan Rather that just walked by....

At 7:10pm I'll be back on 770KKOB talking with Scott Stiegler about tight security here on the first night of the Convention. President Jimmy Carter just took the stage. It doesn't seem like Roselyn nor Mr. Carter have aged a day. A wave and a quick exit. No speech tonight from him.

But, Michelle Obama is getting ready to be the headline speaker tonight. Yesterday, Debra Haaland, a Native American Delegate from Albuquerque, was invited to greet Ms. Obama at the airport.

Here's today's complete schedule for a day devoted to the theme "One Nation."

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