Friday, August 29, 2008

A Rather Big Night for Obama, Richardson and America's Democrats. We have expert analysis from a former CBS News Anchorman!

Barack Obama arrived on stage at 8:12pm. He addressed the crowd for 44 minutes. We understand nearly 600 New Mexicans made the trip through long security lines to watch his historic address which began with four simple words: I Accept The Nomination.

Governor Warns America Will Pay For John McCain's Flip Flops.

Taos County Democratic Chairman Thomas "Chuby" Tafoya says he thinks Governor Bill Richardson "hit the nail on the head" with his Keeping America Secure speech just after 6pm.

Chuby also tells us he thinks Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish is ready to be governor and he'll support her because she's been great for Northern, New Mexico

Meanwhile, former CBS News Anchor Dan Rather, who's been covering political conventions since 1956 and who's been in and out of the New Mexico Delegation's headquarter hotel all week, gave us his take on the this weeks party in Denver and his take on Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field on Thursday night. He tells us he's impressed on how inclusive the Denver convention has been, and predicted this is going to be a close presidential election. He even noted the impact Native Americans are having in the democratic process.

Closing Notes:

Is it just me, or do you agree, that former Vice President Al Gore bored the crowd to death? Perhaps the applause at the end of his speech was simply a "thank you" for ending the address and relief the talke was finally over.

The Dems definitely needed to do a better job planning for Invesco Field traffic.
After exiting the arena, no one knew how to get to the right shuttle buses, and the cops had not been briefed or were just not helpful. If you were in a wheel chair I don't know how you could have survived the crush of people exiting the event.

I decided to hoof it back to the car because I was scheduled to provide analysis for Kate Delaney's nationally broadcast show, America Tonight (which airs locally on 1050 KTBL), and needed to get to the car's phone charger because my phone was completely dead--just like my feet.

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