Monday, August 25, 2008

Brian Colon Says Party Has 33 County Strategy

I spent part of Sunday in Denver getting settled into the convention setting. It promises to be hectic and even chaotic at times, but I knew I was going to have a great week when I pulled in front of the Sheraton hotel and found a metered parking spot open directly across from the Valet station. The sign clearly stated parking time limits and fees were excluded on Sunday. I grabbed the spot and then easily walked through the process of picking up my "all-access" media credential.

After finishing and filing a few interviews for the morning report on 770KKOB, including one with the state's youngest delegate Sean Stimmell from Los Alamos, I hit the party scene and hotel lobby gathering spots.

I spent time visiting with some of the state's top Dems, including Lt. Governor Diane Denish, who was joined by House Speaker Ben Lujan and Patricia Madrid. They all said Biden was a good pick, but they seemed nervous heading into the fall election.

Later, while smoking a few cigars at the Brown Palace, and enjoying a nice glass of 20-year old scotch, I ran into Brian Colon. He's the chairman of the state's Democratic Party. He's attending his third national convention

Colon told me he's proud of the diversity of the 2008 delegation. He says the party's confident they party is unified, and geared up to win offices in all 33 NM Counties.

Photo Credit: MG Bralley

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