Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Does Hillary Still Get Butterflys in Her Stomache?

The runner up in the Democratic Presidential Sweepstakes will take the main stage in Denver tonight, and most of the women in NM’s delegation can’t wait.

NY Senator Hillary Clinton will get her prime time shot around 9pm MT.

Terri Holland is looking forward to Hillary Clinton’s speech. Clinton has maintained a relatively low profile since dropping out of the race. In the process, she has created a vacuum that has been filled by rumor, resentment, residual backbiting among her aides and uncertainty about how committed she is, in her heart of hearts, to Barack Obama.

The podium in Denver will be a crowded place on the second night of the Democratic convention, with more than 50 members of Congress and governors piling in to get their moments in the spotlight.

New Mexico Democrat Terri Holland says she honors the former first lady for her service to women.

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