Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Mexico Delegates Prepare for Roll Call Vote.

The Call of the States is underway at the Democratic Convention, but there are still a few upset delegates in Denver.

Pledged delegates for Hillary Clinton say they'll honor their roll as PLEDGED delegates. But, this morning the New York Senator released her delegates to vote for Obama.

Yesterday, Nila Lange, Richard Cooley, and Teresa Holland said no way. They came to this convention to cast their vote for Hillary they intend to do just that. They said they want their votes to count for her because they were elected by New Mexican supporters to vote for the first serious female candidate in American history.

The Roll call is scheduled for 4pm inside the Pepsi Center . It's doubtful the vote will be unanimous for Barack Obama despite Clinton releasing them.

Here are three quick sound bites we played on the radio. Cooley's upset and recommended the Super Delegate process needs to be changed. Actually his words are a little stronger than that.

Take a listen here:

After the roll call U.S. Senate candidate Tom Udall takes center stage and will read this 232 word speech.

In the Senate 60 is the new 50.

Earlier today, Tom Udall was introduced by the other NY Senator Charles Schummer at a U.S. Senate Candidate press conference. Schummer says it's time for a new generation of Democratic Leadership. Schumer says Udall is a thinker who will be welcomed in the Senate.

Schumer also said that the Democratics feel like they're in good position in 11 Senate races, including New Mexico. Schumer says he feels like the Dems are a little ahead in three states, and even in three. He seemed pleased when he estimated they were only down by 9 pts in Oklahom and 7pts in the Georgia Race.

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