Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mitt Romney Says McCain-Palin Picking up Undecided Voters.

I partially failed as a backback journalist today. While I had a busy schedule of interviews planned, I didn't shoot any photos. So, I don't have an original pic for this post, but all is not lost. We've got another original newsmaker podcast from our interview with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

On Saturday Romney spoke with John McCain supporters in three cities, Farmington, Albuquerque and Las Cruces. I caught up with him this afternoon at the University Hilton just before 2pm.

We talked about agricultural policy differences between the candidates, the new farm bill, "spreading the wealth", independent voters and McCain's humor, after all he's appearing on S-N-L in just a few hours.

Romney thinks the Republicans are picking a majority of undecided voters at the end of this long campaign and that the polls are tightening.

Other's, like LP at NMFBIHOP are NOT so sure of that. LP reports Obama still has a 7 percent spread in New Mexico.

Romney who also spent time in Farmington and Las Cruces today also talked to NM Independent's Heath Haussaman by telephone.

He told Haussaman: I think we’ve got a real shot here,” Romney said. “Two weeks ago it looked impossible, but the polls that we’re seeing now, the people we’re speaking with, the sentiment we’re seeing, suggests that this is winnable.

After the interview Haussaman posted this online commentary.

Also, if you missed my September interview with Gov. Romney you can hear it here.

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