Friday, September 12, 2008

McCain Surrogates Talk to "The Word" About Their National Roles.

We talked to Representative Heather Wilson just after she was appointed by Senior McCain Strategist Steve Schmidt to the Sarah Palin Truth Squad. We also got introduced to Mitt Romney. We'll wrap up the week with audio from both of these conversations.

Wilson talks to us about her role on the new McCain-Palin Truth Squad. She says Palin makes the GOP’s all-Western presidential ticket more appealing to voters in New Mexico. Wilson told “the word” she believes Obama’s appeal is fading because voters are taking a second look at the democratic candidate.

Wilson also responded to information revealed in lobbyist Kevin Ring’s federal indictment .He's already pleaded guilty. The indictment shows email correspondence between someone on her staff and the corrupt lobbyists connected to Jack Abramoff who's spending four years in prison. Wilson She says her office has strict rules regulating gifts, including tickets to Clippers games.

We also connected with former Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. He tells “the word” why he continues to advocate the McCain-Palin ticket.

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