Wednesday, September 10, 2008

White Questions Heinrichs Ties to Lobbyists

Campaign News Release:

Since Martin Heinrich is such a fan of attacking Sheriff Darren White, and Darren's past political associations, I wonder what kind of past Martin Heinrich is hiding from the voters of New Mexico?

What do we really know about Martin Heinrich – the paid consultant and lobbyist?

The people of New Mexico deserve to know who paid Martin Heinrich to lobby – local, state, and federal politicians, government officials, and government agencies and departments.

"Today we call on Martin Heinrich to fully disclose his extensive lobbying ties and relationships, and reveal his list of lobbying and consultant clients.

"The citizens of New Mexico deserve transparency when it comes to their elected officials, and candor regarding their past lobbying activities.

"The people of New Mexico have the right to know about your history as an operative and lobbyist, Mr. Heinrich. Who paid you?" said Stephen Schatz, Communications Director.

Martin Heinrich Said He Worked "With Local Elected Officials" And With Congressman Udall When Asked About His Work Lobbying Legislature On Behalf Of Wilderness Groups:

When Asked To Elaborate On His Lobbying Work With Legislature To Protect Wilderness Areas In Sandoval County, Martin Heinrich Said He Worked "For A Number Of Years … With Local Elected Officials."

Caller: "Hi. Mr. Heinrich, it's so great to talk to you. I was wondering – you were hired by a wilderness group to lobby the legislature and to protect wilderness areas in Sandoval County, and I think it was Roger Magdalena that sponsored a bill for you. Could you tell your listeners about that? I know they would be really proud to hear about that."

Heinrich: "You know, I worked for a number of years in Sandoval County working with local elected officials all the way up to the U.S. Congress to protect the Ojito Wilderness and to return some ancestral lands to the pueblo of Zia. It is something I'm really proud of. It's a piece of legislation that passed the House and Senate eventually, unanimously, that got enormous local support." -- 770 KKOB Radio Station, Albuquerque, NM, 8/6/08)

Martin Heinrich Touted Years Of Work Lobbying With Congressman Udall To Protect The Ojito Wilderness - Firedog.

Margo (Blogger): "Mr. Heinrich, this is such a pleasure. I will contribute as soon as I can in April. I am a fan of your Ojito Wilderness site; it provides inspiration that I use to draw landscapes." Martin Heinrich: "Thank you. I spent several years of my life working with Congressman Udall, the Pueblo of Zia, and many other good people to permanently protect Ojito. It is one of my proudest accomplishments and a great example of the conservation victories that can be achieved when you are willing to sit down with everyone involved." (Martin Heinrich, "Blue America Welcomes Martin Heinrich, Our First NM Candidate," - 3/22/08

In A 2004 Survey, Heinrich Lobbied In Favor Of Blocking Exploration In The Otero Mesa:

"The Southwest Environmental Center … Released An Analysis Of The Public Comments That The Bureau Of Land Management Has Accepted On Their Drilling Plan For Otero Mesa Prior To Issuing The Final Plan…"("BLM Comment Analysis, Petition Drive Show Support For Protecting Otero Mesa," Desert Journal. (1/23/04)

* 95 Parties Submitted Comments In Favor Of Blocking Drilling. "Of the comments accepted by the BLM, 95 parties submitted comments in favor of either more environmental protections or absolute protection from all drilling, including 16 citizen membership organizations and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, plus 84 postcards." ("BLM Comment Analysis, Petition Drive Show Support For Protecting Otero Mesa," Desert Journal, (1/23/04)

* Martin Heinrich Lobbied BLM For More Environmental Protections For Otero Mesa. ("BLM Comment Analysis, Petition Drive Show Support For Protecting Otero Mesa," Desert Journal, (1/23/04)

Lobbying Congress For Extreme Special Interest Groups, Martin Heinrich Delivered Testimony In 2004:

Martin Heinrich Lobbied Congress On Behalf Of The Coalition For New Mexico Wilderness. "The testimony I will present today is on behalf of me and the Coalition for New Mexico Wilderness." (Statement Of Martin Heinrich Albuquerque City Councilor, Committee On Senate Energy And Natural Resources, Testimony, 2/12/04)

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barbwire said...

Geez, that's really horrible that Martin worked with tons of other New Mexicans to protect some of our unique natural places. I also think whoever wrote that press release needs some training.

If this is the worst White can throw at Heinrich, it's clear just how squeaky clean Martin is.