Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do Darren White's Deputies Threaten Ballot Box Integrity on Election Day? Sheriff Demands Apology for Accusations.

Darren White says Martin Heinrich's campaign owes Bernalillo County Sheriff's Deputies an apology after the Democratic Congressional Candidate raised some serious questions regarding their election day integrity on KOB TV's Eyewitness News 4. See the report here.

We just received a copy of this letter from Darren White to Martin Heinrich:

Mr. Heinrich,

On Wednesday, October 29, 2008, your campaign laid out a very public charge on KOB-TV that you do not trust the deputies of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department to uphold Election Day ballot integrity, protection and security.

Your cheap political smears, claiming our deputies cannot be trusted, attack every law enforcement officer in the State of New Mexico, and I call on you to personally issue an apology to the deputies of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department.

Also, your campaign operative, Jason Burke, should be informed that the deputies serve the citizens of this county, first and foremost. Just like the employees of the Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office, who are dedicated professionals, they would never compromise an election because their boss’ name is on the ballot.

And for the record, the officers of the New Mexico State Police despise being referred to as “troopers.”

Martin, desperate political attacks against law enforcement officers is repugnant and unbecoming for someone who portends to represent the people of this community in Congress with dignity.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department has always provided Election Day security with unquestioned commitment to the process. The department provides ballot protection so the system is just and fair for everyone involved – Democrats and Republicans, incumbents and challengers. In no way will this election be decided by the deputies.

The deputies and other law enforcement officers of this community put their lives on the line every single day for our citizens. It is a disgrace that you would raise public suspicions about their integrity, honesty and professionalism, for the sake of a political stunt – a week before Election Day.

On the one hand you defend the actions of a convicted eco-terrorist, while on the other hand you question the integrity of our police officers. I believe this is a revealing look into your thinking and why so many believe you are the most extreme candidate ever nominated in this district.

Again, I call on you to personally and publically apologize to the law enforcement community of New Mexico. The comments of Jason Burke, acting as your representative, were out of line and downright false and represent the worst kind of politics and outside interference in New Mexico’s election process.

You should know better, Martin. This is no way for you to conduct a campaign for Congress on the backs of dedicated civil servants and law enforcement officers.


Darren White


County Clerk Maggie Toulouse-Oliver says anyone from either political party is allowed to observed the transfer of ballots to her election warehouse.

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ched macquigg said...

Deputies carrying around votes for or against their boss, creates an appearance of a conflict of interest.

The appearance of a conflict of interest does damage. There are more people with a lower opinion of the election than there were before the appearance of a conflict of interest.

It is too bad no one thought of this before the aoacoi was created.

No individual on any police force has reason to be offended by the act of pointing out the aoacoi.