Friday, September 26, 2008

A Colorful Weekend in Taos, New Mexico!

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It's our favorite time of the year. We all love Fall's spectacular colors.

Now, everything is peaking, so we’re packing up, and heading north, to escape our frenzied world.

We'll recharge our spirits in Taos, New Mexico.

On Saturday, we're planning to stop by and pick up newly harvested apples in Dixon, check out all the talented artists at the Falls Arts Festival, and then travel deep into the forest, with a llama to look at the fall foliage before having a few friends over for an evening cocktail party here and dinner here.

Then Sunday, after visiting Taos Pueblo we'll meander back to town on the high road (between Taos and Chimayo), to check out more local art.

If you have family stories of apple picking and fall foilage treks please send us a comment with your own tales.

Then on Monday, we'll be rested, and ready to hit the campaign trail again for the final stretch of name-calling, petty accusations, and distractions by many of the campaigns who appear to be distracted from some of the serious issues facing the region, country and world.

Plus, we'll be finalizing our on-line voter guide with audio interviews with each of the congressional candidates.

Remember to ask your friends if they are registered to vote. Deadline is October 7th.

UPDATED - Tuesday Septeber 30th

I received this note from one of my traveling partner's. She loved Taos and enjoyed getting away for the weekend. Dad kept her little one and Jen told me this was her first weekend alone in a couple of years.

For many of us, life consists of a constsnt hustle and, kids, deadlines, etc. So when you come to the El Monte Sagrado in Taos, NM, that all changes. You are instantly encapsulated in a serene setting. It's a scheme of vibrant colors reminiscent of an Inger Jirby painting, a local Taos artist. The colors were like a painted sunset made up of leaves. Shiny gold, radiant orange, and fiery red were amongst a wave of green- it was like summers last attempt at hanging on. And from check in to check out at the El Monte Sagrado, you feel like royalty. The staff are exceptional,and once opening the room door to the global suite it was like being thrust into another country- we were in Morocco. The room was a masterpiece and I felt the stress just melt away from my body. From the intricate designs inside the suite to the hot tub and lovely courtyard outside,you almost don't have a reason to leave your room...that is until you discover the Living Spa and the Anaconda Bar- the unique ambiance and lively spirits complete your fantasy getaway! These experiences at El Monte Sagrado are like the perfect apple pie. But unlike other hotels and resorts, when you stay at the El Monte Sagrado you don't get a piece of the pie, you get the whole pie. Enjoy!

Jeniffer Davis


Anonymous said...

Peter, you totally 'get' Taos. Good for you. Did you get a chance to check out the new Taos Artists Studio Tour (goes for another week) when you were there? Over 120 artists can be visited in their studios around Town. See signs and banners for leads as to where to go, or check out Glad you rejuvenated in Taos - could pick a better place. A Taos Lover

Anonymous said...

I agree. There simply isn't a better place to visit in the fall than Taos.