Thursday, September 25, 2008

C. de Baca's Remarks Impact African American Children.

An hour before Fernando C’ de Baca resigned his post with the Bernalillo County Republican Party, leaders from Albuquerque’s African American community were meeting at the Reverend N.D. Smith’ Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church to express their outrage at his words.

Rev Smith was joined by NM State Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton, Harold Bailey NM Office of African American Affairs, former Republican Governor Dave Cargo, Scotty Carruthers Director of African American Student Services at UNM, Joella Redmon, Executive Director NM Martin Luther King, Jr. State Commission, Ron Hinson, African American Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico, Kalonji M’wanza NM Races Matter Coalition , and B. Brown.

770KKOB News Reporter Mike McCoy recorded the news conference and these statements.


Listen to Rep. Stapleton express her disgust with poise and eloquence here:

And Rev. N.D. Smith here:

And read the group's statement read by Rev. Smith here:
We, the African American Community are greatly disappointed regarding the insensitive inflammatory remarks made by Mr. Fernando C. de Baca, the Chairman of the Bernalillo County Republican party. His perspective of African Americans in Albuquerque and New Mexico are without merit and foundation.

Because of his interview with the BBC, his remarks have embarrassed not only the State of New Mexico, but also our electoral process in the eyes of the world. His insulting remarks were meant to create a division between the African American, Hispanic, Native American and other cultures.

The statement also called for immediate resignation of Mr. C. de Baca.

Those in the Community who feel Mr. C. de Baca should not resign condone his outrageous position.

1) We believe that his public statements has [had a] debilitating impact on not only African American Children, but youth in general, who are our future.

2) His remarks are detrimental to the years of progress that have been made between the different cultures in New Mexico.

Should Mr. C de Baca fail to resign, the African American community is prepared to take additional actions.

The African American community feels it our duty and the responsibility of all the citizen of the State of New Mexico to acknowledge this gross indiscretion on the part of Mr. C. de Baca.

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