Thursday, February 18, 2010

Updated: Domenici says general election will be "tough""


A second and more thorough review of Domenici's statement to a local talk show host reveals he actually thinks he can win, he simply says "it's not a sure thing."

I don’t think this is a sure thing by any stretch of the imagination. It is going to be extremely tough. So I, that’s why I don’t want to go in the negative. I’m saying I can win and I’m concerned with the perception I’m hearing that says any of these five can win. I don’t agree with that.”

Political newcomer Pete Domenici Jr, who admitted to smoking marijuana and using cocaine in the 1970s and 1980's, also told 770KKOB radio talk show host Jim Villanucci on Tuesday that the 2010 general election is going to be "difficult" for any of the five Republican gubernatorial candidates to win.

In fact, Domenici, who considers himself a front runner in this June's primary, went further and said he might not be able to win the general election himself.

Today, Albuquerque Businessman Allen Weh, who is also running for Governor, sent us the audio and a news release stating that he is much more confident in the party's chances this Fall.

“In November, voters will be looking for a leader who can put New Mexicans back to work and get our economy moving in the right direction,” Weh said. “Unlike my opponent, I believe the next governor of New Mexico will be a Republican.”

The following is a transcript, provided by the Weh camp, from Wednesday’s radio interview:
Jim Villanucci: Are you the best person to win the general?

Pete Domenici Jr: The general is going to be an extremely difficult election. The perception out there that somehow any of the five candidates can and should win the general, I disagree with strongly.

Jim Villanucci: Who can't win?

Pete Domenici Jr: I don't know if I want to say particular names of who can't win.

Jim Villanucci: You obviously have a feeling on that. You said that not all of you can win, so somebody can't, and you think you can. So, who can't?

Pete Domenici Jr: Actually, I would even include myself in the group that can't.

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