Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Americans oppose court's donation ruling

Americans are upset over the Supreme Court decision last month that threw out limits on corproate spending in political campaigns, and with Democrats in control, Congress is eager to figure out a way around the decision.

A new ABC News/Washington post poll shows 80 percent of Americans oppose the court's ruling, which lifts laws banning corporate campaign donations.

Another 72 percent, moreover, support the idea of a legislative workaround to try to reinstate the limits the court lifted.

The court, in a 5-4 ruling Jan. 21, said federal restrictions on corporate spending in elections constituted a violation of free speech. Critics called it wrong to equate corporate "speech" with individual speech and said the ruling would allow special-interest money to flood election campaigns. The ruling did not explicitly include spending by unions, which also was restricted in the law, but is expected to apply to them as well.

One proposal now being considered would require a company's C-E-O to appear in campaign ads -- like candidates -- saying they "approve this message."

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