Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Whole Lotta Burritos

Listening to nonstop news about the national health care debate, coupled with hearing about new political corruption indictments, and even more DWI accients in the state is, well, making us hungry.

After 15 morning newscasts maybe it's just time for breakfast. We're definitely thinking about a #9 burrito at Golden Pride Chicken or a breakfast roll at the Frontier Restaurant.

Starving or not, we were excited to hear News Director Pat Allen's story this morning about the International Federation of Competitive Eating's world burrito eating championship at the New Mexico State Fair next month.

The September 18th contest goes beyond just enjoying lots of your favorite burritos, because there's actually a $3,000 dollar prize up for grabs if you eat the most grub.

The burrito eating contest is the 14th contest of the Major League Eating Circuit.

You can register at

Now we just hope that they use El Pinto's green chile sauce.

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