Thursday, August 20, 2009

Despite Serious Allegations Vigil-Giron Keeps State Job

After spending most of Thursday chasing down whether of not Rebecca Vigil-Giron would keep her job, despite being indicted on 50 felony counts, we finally heard from the New Mexcio Workforce Solutions agency. We've learned that she will remain employed, and be paid her annual salary of $61,500.

While Governor Bill Richardson says he’s trouble by allegations being made against Vigil-Giron, and believes she deserves her day in court, Vigil-Giron will be report to work daily. She's employed as a constituent liaison for the Labor and Industrial Division at the Workforce Solutions.

Cabinet secretary Ken Ortiz, who was promoted to the position today (replacing Betty Sparrow Doris), says while the allegations are serious they are “unrelated to her work for the agency” that issues unemployment checks.”

Ortiz says Ms. Vigil-Giron is expected to continue to fulfill her work duties and urged reporters not to call her at her workplace.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well now this is interesting, this woman supposedly took hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tax-payer money, and she's working for $60,000 a year as a "constituent liason" at New Mexico Workforce Solutions? Why? Not exactly a fun job if you ask me.

Oh yeah, and then there's all this...

[The indictments also don’t lay out in detail how Vigil-Giron profited financially from the scheme, although it charged her with embezzling in excess of $20,000 on more than one occasion. The only bank transactions listed in the indictments involve Gutierrez and the Kupfers.-NM Independent]

Interesting...Vigil-Giron is the ONLY one accused of embezzling an "unspecified" amount without any bank transactions/paper-trail listed to prove the accusation.

She is also the only one high-profile enough that anyone would care if she got indicted. I mean, anyone outside of 'the lege' in Santa Fe.

It could be that she is guilty as sin, but you've got admit this whole thing looks a bit "opportunistic" on the part of NM Attorney Gary King, ran on the "promise" that he would root out corruption in his own party.

Let's face it - if you were the NM attorney general, as corrupt as that state is, would you want the R's accusing you of "going easy" on a former state official like Vigil-Giron? Probably not. It appears to me like King threw Vigil-Giron, a hispanic woman under the bus to save his own political ass...