Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Council Candidate Toulouse Exits Race and Endorses Lewis

A letter from Jeremy Toulouse after he withdrew from the Albuquerque City Council District 5 race today:

I entered this race for west side city councilor because I believe our families and community have been in desperate need for a new, collaborative approach to meeting the needs of our neighborhoods and our City. My heart still holds fast to those ideals and aspirations.

Sometimes, however, it becomes clear that our desire to achieve such honorable goals, and our role in that process, can change but yet still contribute to the ongoing effort to achieve great progress for our community.

That is why I have decided to alter my role in this important city council race and withdraw my candidacy for west side councilor.

My family and I have thought long and hard about this decision and after seeking input from many people, we believe the best avenue to successfully bringing the overdue change that our district is in need of will be by working for a candidate who shares with me many of the goals I have been pursuing. That candidate is Dan Lewis.

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