Friday, April 17, 2009

Zanetti Tells the AP He's "Running for Governor!"

The 50-year old Republican financial adviser and brigadier general in the NM National Guard told Santa Fe based AP ReporterDeborah Baker that he's been campaigning full-time since February.

Baker interviewed Zanetti on Wednesday after a Tax Day rally on the Santa Fe Plaza at which he was a speaker. Zanetti told Baker,
I'm traveling the state, we're raising money and there's an awful lot of enthusiasm for the campaign.
We found Baker's article online at the Denver Post.

We also talked to Zanetti at the Albuquerque rally before he headed to Santa Fe. He definitely sounded like he was all but officially in the race.

To listen to our Tea Party Rally interview with Zanetti click here.

This morning, Zanetti appeared on 770KKOB's morning show with host Bob Clark. He's backing off his comments earlier in the week.

Zanetti say's he isn't prepared to officially announce, but we did find this website Zanetti For Governor.

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