Friday, April 17, 2009

Post: Richardson At Peace ...

Photo: MG Bralley
On Friday, the Washington Post published this profile on New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Reporter Phillip Rucker writes:
The nation's most prominent Latino politician is stuck in virtual exile, term-limited from office in two years with no easy next step.
Listen to Rucker's exclusive interview with the Governor.

Rucker also writes:

A federal pay-to-play investigation of his gubernatorial office forced Richardson in January to withdraw his nomination as commerce secretary, and the dark cloud of the investigation now hovers over his once-bright political future.

The lifelong politician who craved the spotlight and longed to return to Washington says he has had enough -- at least for now.

For Pete's Sake:

The governor still has a full 30-day session and perhaps one or two special sessions to get his priority programs approved by lawmakers.

We suspect the governor will spend the next two years focused on his "legacy" projects. We've watched the man at work, sometimes for 18 hours a day. We don't anticipate he'll let up anytime soon.

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