Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Romero Jumps Into Council-Mayor Fray on Tax Day.

Albuquerque mayoral candidate Richard Romero is sending out a Tax Day letter to his supporters. On the same day that thousands of protesters attended a "tea rally," Romero says Chavez is spending money unwisely and that the city must tighten it's budget belt.

Dear Friend:

Today is tax day.

No one enjoys paying taxes, but they are necessary. As the Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr. said, "Taxes are the price we pay for civilization."

At the local level, gross receipts tax revenues pay for services and infrastructure that make for a livable city such as police and fire protection, streets and sewers, parks and public health.

Above all, taxation must be fair and the process transparent.

Unlike the federal government, City government must live within its means. In tough economic times, we must tighten the city budget belt just like the taxpayers are doing.

It's about fairness without frills.

That's why it's so alarming to read today's headlines about Mayor Chavez overriding the budgetary authority of the City Council so he can fund two of his pet capital projects.

The capital budget passed by the Council was prudent and fair, winning overwhelming bipartisan support. It funded vital projects within the City -- while trimming the Mayor's big projects outside the City limits.

Take another example of a project the Council cut - the Mayor's $6 million "lagoon" at Tingley Beach. The Mayor believes that this project is such a high priority that he will override the Council's judgment. Yet we are still being told the money can't be found to install low-flow toilets at City Hall.

Or take the projects like the Balloon Park - a design contract that "ballooned" from a half million dollars to $6.7 million.

At a time when the stress on family budgets is so enormous, we have to get our priorities in order. We simply can't afford to spend our resources on these mini Taj Mahals -- personal monuments to incumbent politicians. Those days are over.

Volunteer Thank You Party

Please join us this Saturday, April 18, from 1-3pm at my home as we take time to thank the many hands that helped our campaign to qualify for public financing. See below for more information.

Continuing to Collect Signatures

We are still collecting nominating petition signatures - we have about 1500 signatures to go to get my name on the October ballot.


Richard Romero

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