Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grammy Award-winning Musician from Taos Rocks the AguaZero Indigenous Music Festival in Ecuador!

From Andrew Flack - Buzz, Inc. --

Last month our good friend, two-time Grammy winner and international ambassador of the Native American flute, Robert Mirabal, made good on his promise to "introduce the eagle to the condor" as he and his all-star band, with three New Mexico Pueblo dancers, played to more that 2,000 screaming fans during the climax of the AguaZero Indigenous Music Festival in Otavalo, Ecuador.

The concert capped off three days of indigenous music-making and educational events featuring musicians from North and South America and Europe.

Mirabal's set featured some of his greatest hits and also new material from his "In the Blood" CD. During one of his best-known rockers, "The Dance," he invited members of the audience onto the stage for a thrilling, impromptu celebration.

“We are connected by the corn,” Mirabal said of the indigenous Kichwa who made up 85 percent of the audience. “We are all Pueblo people. Taos Pueblo just happens to the northern-most one. There are no boundaries in the blood. We recognize each other as brothers and sisters. I am as proud of them as they are proud of me.”

Now in its fourth year, AguaZero, plans to become the world's most important indigenous music festival.

To learn more about Mirabal check out his website here. Better yet listen to samples of his music here.

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