Monday, March 23, 2009

Taos News Reports: Body Parts found Near Horseshoe Rest Area.

Breaking News - from the Taos News:

Three travelers got a big surprise Saturday evening (March 21) when they tipped over a roadside garbage can south of the Horseshoe, a rest area south of Taos and north of Espanola, and found a human leg.

The Taos County Sheriff's Office reported Monday (March 23) that authorities have recovered more body parts from the trash can and they were turned over to the Office of the Medical Investigators for examination. Undersheriff Ed Romero said that the body parts are definitely female, but that her identity is unclear.

"At this time, the age is not determined," Romero said. "We have no reason to believe that a homicide happened at the Horseshoe. She was likely dropped off."

The only distinguishing aspects of the remains at the moment are a tattoo on a leg found at the scene, which depicts some sort of plant, the number 13 and the names Frankie (or possibly Francis, Romero said) and Gladys.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Taos County Sheriff's Office at 737-6480 or call Taos Central Dispatch at 758-2216.

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