Monday, March 16, 2009

What's Vegas Saying About March Madness?

Who’s the best team? Who shouldn’t have made the tournament? Which lower seed is favored? Who are the Sharps backing?

If understood properly, Las Vegas odds offer compelling insight into the NCAA Basketball Tournament. RJ Bell of provided the following tidbits:

According to Las Vegas, the worst at-large team in the tournament is Dayton, which would be an underdog on a neutral floor against San Diego State, Penn State, St. Mary’s, Virginia Tech, Creighton, Florida, and Notre Dame – all teams that did not make the tournament.

Wisconsin, questioned by many as a tournament team, would likely be favored against any team not in the tournament.

North Carolina would be favored against any team in the country. Pitt would be favored against any team except the Tar Heels.

Three lower seeded teams are favored over higher seeded teams: #12 Arizona is a 1-point favorite over #5 Utah; #10 USC is a 2-point favorite over #7 Boston College; #9 Tennessee is a 2-point favorite over Oklahoma State.

North Carolina is the biggest first-round favorite at 27 points over Radford. Duke is the biggest favorite that is not a #1 seed, 22 points over Binghamton.

Two teams have received heavy action from the Sharps: UCLA opened as a 10-point favorite over VCU, but heavy underdog action has moved the line to 7. Illinois opened as a 6 point favorite over W. Kentucky, but heavy underdog action has moved the line to 4. is a news organization which consults experts inside and outside of Las Vegas. Licensed Nevada oddsmakers and gaming executives are unable to communicate with complete candor due to political considerations. Unrestricted by such limitations, provides the clearest estimate of the true sports betting market.

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