Sunday, November 2, 2008

White Still Grinding It Out Door to Door.

On Sunday afternoon, with the sun dropping below the western horizon one hour earlier, Republican CD1 Candidate Darren White is still pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, and asking residents to vote for him on Election Day.

White is upbeat after receiving an important community endorsement from the ABQ Journal on Saturday, and reading polls showing him still within striking distance of his Democratic opponent, albeit it down another two percentage points, but within the margin of error.

"We knew last year this race was going to come down to the wire," said White. "We feel good that we"ll pick up most of the undecided and independent voters."

Meanwhile, Democrat Martin Heinrich told KOAT, "We're going to be campaigning until right up to 7 o'clock on Tuesday night. We're going from place to place all day today, all day tomorrow and on Tuesday as well. We're just going to keep pushing until 7 o'clock on Tuesday," Heinrich said.

White is giving is staff credit for keeping the race close.

"They've worked hard to keep this race essentially neck and neck. Martin hasn't been able to put us away despite all the money he's raised," said White.

"Heinrich has outspent us in this race," said White. "Last week the DCCC bought another $500,000 in television advertising time, because Heinrich, can't close the deal with the voters. The more they find out about him the less comfortable they are voting for him. People just don't like the positions my opponent has taken," said White.

Heinrich's campaign believes their own organization will put them over the top on Tuesday.

From the Democrat's blog:
We're within the margin of error and it's our ground game that is going to decide this election...
If you weren't an early voter, or if you're still undecided, here's an online voter's guide from the non partisan League of Women's Voters; plus, take a few minutes to listen to all of our 5-minute Q&A's with each of the congressional and senate candidates here.

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UPDATE - 8:45pm

Plan to visit the blog tomorrow for our final interview with CD3 Candidate Ben Ray Lujan.

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