Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tart Election Day Political Analysis on New Mexico's CW!

Sharp, Crisp, detailed analysis... probably not.

Our colleagues down the hall at the Citadel Broadcasting, John & The Pop Tarts, who's show airs weekday mornings on 93.3 KOB FM, will be keeping you updated and informed on the latest polling results tonight on New Mexico's CW. Get a preview here.

Leah Black and Katie Fitter just told us, "We won't be in suits and no, we won't be ramblin' on and on about our views...just letting you know what's happenin' in a fun, upbeat, non-stuffy sorta way...hehehe...we think that no one else could do it so we were their last resort."

PORTER'S PEE POLL - 100% Accurate

John Forsythe, the show's long time morning host, tells us the doggie pee poll has been accurately predicting outcomes on and off for the last 20 years.

This morning, the Tart's show mascot doggie Porter, initially sniffed the McCain sign, but finally settled on the Obama sign... thus, they're predicting the winning candidate might be Obama...

Leah Black, who's was one of ABQ the Magazines' Hot Singles in October, is also rockin hard. She's one of the cities top vocalists. Check out her music on her MySpace page here today.

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