Sunday, November 2, 2008

Voting Problems Are Beginning to Surface.

Early voting records are being set across the country and even more records are expected on Tuesday. ABC Radio's Jim Avila reports there are lots of pitfalls facing voters including a misleading pamphlet being handed out in Virginia.

These fliers tell voters that because of high turnout, Republicans will vote on Tuesday and Democrats on Wednesday. There's ballot confusion in North Carolina. Apparently a straight party vote, does not include the presidential race, so voters must punch McCain or Obama separately even if they've already voted for the whole Republican or Democratic ticket. And, electronic voting machine snafus are starting to surface. In West Virginia, some machines picked their own candidates not matter which button you pushed.

We've heard from a New Mexcian man caring for his mother in Phoenix for a few months. He requested an absentee ballot early and never received it. He says its unacceptable and tells us he feels "disenfranchised." He can't fly home, even for one day, and leave his mother behind without assistance. He believes its because he's a registered Republican and the county clerk is a Democrat.

The punch cards and hanging chads are all gone, but there are still the normal sneaky tricks.

I hope at the end of Tuesday we're able to report the election was fair and accurate.

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