Thursday, October 16, 2008


On Thursday, the Darren White for Congress campaign released its latest financial report to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). The report showed that Darren White’s campaign has $678,371 cash-on-hand compared to Martin Heinrich’s $327,608 – a 52 percent difference.

“We are in great standing for the home stretch,” said Stephen Schatz. “With just 19 days left to go, we feel that we have the resources and manpower necessary to close strong and to achieve victory on November 4th. Our cash-on-hand total puts us in a good position to respond to our opponent’s false character attacks, and will allow us to get-out-the-vote.”

Darren White received $554,347 in contributions for the quarter, and has raised $1,507,556 since he began his campaign.

The cash-on-hand report follows an earlier press release from the Heinrich campaign requesting local TV stations pull ads the Republican Party is sponsoring for the White Campaign. See the their news release here.

Whites report does not mention that Heinrich reported donations of $750k in the third quarter of 2008 and has the support of big money fro the DNCCC for local television media buys.

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