Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Carraro Quits the GOP

We probably saw this one coming right after June's primary. State Senator Joe Carraro is ditching the Republican Party to become an Independent.

"I think the Republican Party abandoned me. I think they left me. This is a statement a lot of people say, but I really think it's true," Carraro said.

Carraro has claimed that the N.M. Republican Party broke the law when it endorsed his opponent Sheriff Darren White in the primary for the 1st Congressional race.

Carraro claims that gave White a huge advantage in raising campaign money.

Carraro says he probably won't run for office again, but he says he hopes to stay in the political arena. Carraro was fist elected to office in 1985. His district includes Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

Listen to our un-edited interview from March 25, 2008 with State Senator Joe Carraro.

And for more about him leaving the GOP party read this KOB TV 4 Story

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