Wednesday, October 22, 2008

White Gets Another Professional Endorsement!

The day after Darren White's campaign released its fifth TV ad the the Chicano Police Officers Association (CPOA) has announced it has endorsed Darren White for Congress.

The CPOA was established in 1973, the Chicano Police Officers Association stands for “equality, opportunity, and justice for all.” The CPOA has approximately 330 members.

Today’s endorsement continues Darren White’s overwhelming support from New Mexico ’s law enforcement community. Darren has also received the official endorsements of the Albuquerque Police Officers’ Association (APOA), the Bernalillo County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (BCDSA), and the New Mexico Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

“The support that I have received from my fellow law enforcement brothers and sisters is overwhelming,” said Darren White. “Many politicians speak about their respect for the law enforcement community and solving local crime problems but nobody really gets it until they put on that uniform and actually experience it. My 20+ years of public service in Albuquerque and Santa Fe have prepared me well to face the tough challenges ahead in Washington.

“I am humbled by the Chicano Police Officers Association’s endorsement, and I look forward to serving them and our community with honor.”

The television ad, entitled "Broke the Law," attempts to highlight allegations that former city councilor Martin Heinrich admitted to breaking city law by illegally operating an unlicensed business while serving on the City Council. Heinrich also admitted to being paid by special interest groups to lobby and influence government officials, but never registered as a lobbyist. Heinrich even claimed he was not required to register as a special interest lobbyist, but his former boss has publicly disagreed, saying Heinrich should have registered as a lobbyist.

“Our ad points out that Martin Heinrich used his elected City Council office and position to help his own special interest lobbying clients, by pushing their liberal agenda on the City Council,” said Stephen Schatz. “By using his title as City Councilor, Heinrich influenced elected officials and government bureaucrats in Congress, Santa Fe , and Albuquerque on his own clients’ behalf. It is time for you to come clean, Mr. Heinrich. Who were the special interest groups that paid you to push their agenda? The voters deserve the truth.”

KOB TV will air the first CD-1 debate tonight at 7pm.

Photo: MG Bralley

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