Sunday, October 19, 2008

NM Democratic Chairman Brian Colon Confident 33 County Strategy is Working!

In September the New Mexico Democrats set a goal of registering 30,000 new voters in 30 days. They registered a little more than 35,000. Part of the success is due to Democratic Party Chairman Brian Colon's 33 county strategy. With 16 days until Election 2008 Colon tells us the strategy is really a coordinated ground effort around the state. In this engaging interview, Colon says democrats are carrying the message of change to all four corners of the state.

Colon says his 33-county strategy is modeled after DNC Chairman Howard Dean's 50-state strategy and he's encouraged with the amount of young people participating in huge numbers.

Colon predicts a "clean sweep." He says he's confident the state's congressional delegation will be all-blue. He says after the election the Democrats are prepared to lead the country through this critical time in the nation's history.

He also said this year's legislative elections are important because they will determine re-districting following the 2010 census.

Earlier in the week, DNC Chairman Howard Dean made two 770 KKOB staffers honorary Vermonters. Listen to his interview with News Director Pat Allen and hear why?

Dean says this year's presidential election reminds him of the race in 1960. He says it's "Change" vs "More of the Same." Deans says he's looking forward to see how it plays out.

Dean says New Mexico is a critical swing state, and the Dems are putting an emphasis on the West and wants to win Colorado and Nevada as well as the Land of Enchantment.

Who knew 32 years after I first visited Montpelier, Vermont (during the country's Bi-centennial) with my family that I would be giving honorary "Vermonter" status. If Dean only knew that my dad parked the RV in front of the state capital so we could eat dinner on our way around all the revolutionary battlegrounds.

Thanks to LP at NMFBIHOP, who coverd Howard Dean's trip to New Mexico in August, and shot all these great photos.

Colon Photo Credit: MG Bralley

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