Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Udall Endorsed by Las Vegas, NM Newspaper

The Las Vegas Optic has endorsed Tom Udall for United States Senate.

The northern New Mexico newspaper concluded: “Again and again, Udall takes positions that deserve respect. We would be proud to have him as our senator.”

The full endorsement can be read here.

In making its endorsement, the Optic cited several instances in which Udall took a principled position even if it was unpopular at the time.

“While in Congress, Udall has become known as someone who won’t necessarily vote with the herd,” the paper stated. “Back in 2001, he was one of very few who voted against the Patriot Act because it increased the federal government’s surveillance of private citizens. This law passed in the days after Sept. 11 when just about everyone in Washington was willing to support any law labeled as anti-terrorism. It now seems ironic that Pearce would call Udall an extreme liberal. After all, what’s more conservative than insisting on the protection of constitutional rights?”

The newspaper also noted Udall’s consistent opposition to the
Iraq war and his insistence that Los Alamos National Laboratory diversify its mission to meet the demands of a changing world as other principled positions that went against the grain.

At the same time, the Optic noted Steve Pearce’s steady support for President Bush: “Few people would disagree that Bush has been a disaster, and as such, Pearce, who used to brag about his support for Bush, deserves part of the blame.”

Udall has also been endorsed by the Las Cruces Sun-News, the Santa Fe New Mexican and the Los Alamos Monitor.

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