Wednesday, October 8, 2008

U-tube's "You Choose 08" feature's Pearce-Udall Debate Series.

Hey Peter,

I'm writing to you from YouTube, where we just completed a debate series between Steve Pearce and Tom Udall on our You Choose '08 platform. Voters submitted questions, and we posed the top 5 to both candidates, who answered them via their YouTube channels. We then put their answers side by side in order to let voters compare where the candidates stand on the issues.

You can see the series here: <>

We just launched this morning and thought you might be interesting in pointing to the page from What's the Word, since the program is targeted at New Mexican voters. Since this race has gotten national attention, we wanted to highlight it for all YouTube users and help voters connect directly with the candidates via YouTube.


Steve Grove
Head of News and Politics, YouTube
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