Monday, October 6, 2008

Barack Obama Called a "Terrorist" at McCain Rally in Albuquerque.

My colleagues at Democracy for New Mexico and NMFBIHOP heard our latest audio post following the John McCain at UNM on Monday. They point out that a supporter, or crowd plant?, shouted out an answer to a hypothetical question posed by the Republican presidential candidate, "Who is the real Barack Obama?"

The answer from this supporter: "Terrorist"

Watch the video above to hear for yourself. As a pool reporter, I was in the back of the room (behind the bleachers and camera risers) and was not able to distinguish the remark myself.

For more analysis on on this outrageous comment and the new tone of the campaign read the Talking Points Memo here.

It appears that with less than a month remaining in the campaign the political gloves have come off.

It's going to get much nastier, especially with the economy in a free fall and most of our 401ks turning into 201ks.

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