Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two for Tuesday!

Today, we're clearing out some great audio files left on our mini-recorder from Denver, but never posted, to make space for the fall campaign.

Attorney General Considers Running For Governor!

Attorney General Gary King, a Colorado University (Boulder) graduate, made a one-day trek to the Dems Convention in Denver last week. Not surprisingly, he told us he'd like to be Governor of New Mexico one day, but says he's glad he's not running in this election cycle.

King also talked about the advice he recently gave to the Secretary of State's office regarding several non-profits political involvement in three senate races during June’s primary.

He told me that after talking to other Democratic AG's in Denver that he's confident they can win in court, but says he's open to talking to the non-profit about other ways of bringing the groups into compliance with NM Election laws.

The AG also told us he talked to several other state AG’s about recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings giving the Federal Government preference over individual state consumer rights laws.

King also talked about how wonderful mass transit was in Denver. He hopes Albuquerque is able to adopt some of the transportation ideas he thinks are working well in the Mile High city.

Listen to the interview to hear King's take on the upcoming Bernalillo County Albuquerque Metropolitan Courthouse construction corruption case, and his reaction to the acquittal of Roberta Vigil.

Last week, former Democratic Presidential Candidate and life-long DNC Committeeman Fred Harris talked to us on the floor of the convention. Listen to how delighted he is to see history being made 45 quick years after he watched Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech. Harris tells us he's impressed with Obama and the youth boosting his candidacy.

King Photo Credit: MG Bralley
Harris Photo Credit: PDS

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