Saturday, September 6, 2008

Protestors Meet Supporters Downtown.

I just pulled into the Marriott North with John McCain's Straight Talk Express after spending a little more than an hour at KNME. We heard he may have taped a segment for one or more of the Sunday morning news shows.

Now he's preparing to introduce Governor Sarah Palin, who arrived at the hotel ahead of McCain, to some 6000 New Mexicans.

Our field reporter tells us protestors at civic plaza are shouting "Bush-McCain ... More of the same" at McCain supporters who are still standing in line at the convention center waiting to get in the facility for the 7pm rally.

McCain supporters are responding with chants of "USA USA".

Policen our sources say, are not interfering with the protestors at this point.

Following tonight's rally McCain and Palin will spend the night in ABQ and may have one or two surprise stops in town Sunday morning before heading to another rally to deliver another stump speech
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